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Tricentis RPA

Scriptless, automate more


RPA "Worker Bots"

Automation is in our DNA

Tricentis has a 15-year track record solving the toughest automation challenges across Global 2000 companies.

Automation @ the speed of change

Tricentis RPA bots adapt to application changes. They’re self-healing in 80% of situations.

Scriptless, automate more

Any user can create and update our “no-code” model-based bots in minutes.

Tricentis RPA Details

RPA Reality Check

New Forrester Research Identifies Barriers to RPA Scalability

Only 13% of RPA projects advance beyond the pilot stage, and the majority of organizations implementing RPA have fewer than 10 bots in production.

Something is clearly wrong—but how do we fix it? 

Read this new Forrester research report on the top challenges to scaling RPA, based on a survey of enterprise decision makers with existing RPA programs.

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“Most of today’s enterprise RPA platforms still require extensive programming to move beyond simple scenarios in order to create production-ready bots. And typical RPA tools cannot adapt to changes in UIs, data sources, or business processes...Tricentis offers a model-based RPA tool that resolves the brittleness issues of other RPA solutions – putting flexible, low-code models into the hands of the people responsible for building the automations."
“Tricentis provides comprehensive breadth and depth of technology support and offers a model-driven approach to automation that maximizes maintainability.”
“The solution assures a high level of reuse, as it keeps the source of truth in one place: a module that can propagate changes to all dependent automation implementations.”

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New research on the top RPA challenges to scaling RPA, based on a survey of enterprise RPA decision makers.

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