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About Tricentis 

Tricentis has a proven track record solving the toughest automation challenges across Global 2000 companies

Leader in Enterprise Automation

Tricentis is the leading provider of resilient automation across software testing and RPA.  We accelerate digital transformation initiatives with a low-code/no-code automation approach that is simple to create, easy to maintain and designed for reuse.  With native support for over 160 technologies, we have solved the most complex automation challenges.  






“Tricentis provides comprehensive breadth and depth of technology support and offers a model-driven approach to automation that maximizes maintainability.”
“The solution assures a high level of reuse, as it keeps the source of truth in one place: a module that can propagate changes to all dependent automation implementations.”
“Tricentis' approach to automation is also a key strength with model-based automation to separate technical information from the business logic. This enables greater efficiency and robustness for maintenance (a typical headache for most organizations). Tricentis enables a nonredundant repository to provide a single place to maintain and change automation assets.”
Tricentis DNA

Resilient Automation is in our DNA

As a test automation service provider, Tricentis was founded to address the very problem that undermines most RPA initiatives today: brittle automation that causes a maintenance nightmare. Our flagship technology, model-based automation, was born out of frustration with existing automation approaches. We had to come up with something different.

That’s why Tricentis founder Wolfgang Platz decided to write a business-readable abstraction layer to enable high—and sustainable—levels of test automation. That technology became known as “model-based automation,” and it is now trusted by 1600+ enterprise clients who need resilient business-critical enterprise automation.

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Tricentis has a global presence in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Poland, United States and the UK.



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