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Salesforce Bot:

Fill Daily  Kimble Timesheet

Fill daily timesheets for the specified project.


About this Salesforce Bot


Salesforce, Human Resources


This bot performs the following actions

  1. Opens Kimble (the bot will reset the environment if Kimble opens on any other page than the Kimble landing page).

  2. Navigates to the specified date.

  3. Enters (and saves) the project name, hours, start date, and end date.

  4. Submits the newly-created entry.

  5. Logs out from Kimble.

  6. Closes the browser.

  7. Clears the browser cache to reset the Kimble landing page.

Exception Handling 

If any failures occur, the exception handler will be triggered and perform the following actions:

  1. Navigates to the Kimble main page.

  2. Logs out from Kimble.

  3. Closes the browser.

  4. Clears the browser cache to reset the Kimble page.


Before you can run this bot, you need:

  • RPA Studio
  • A Kimble account

Using this Salesforce Bot

  1. Download the bot using the form on the top right of this page.
  2. Import the bot as a subset in RPA Studio.
  3. Configure the username and password as follows:
    1. Open the Configuration panel.
    2. Under Username, enter your Kimble username.
    3. Under Password, enter your Kimble password. Be sure keep the DataType as Password
  4. Configure the following parameters in the first block of the bot:
     - StartDate
    -  StartMonth
     - StartYear
     - ProjectName
     - Comments (required for internal tasks)

You can now execute the bot. 

Download the Bot Now