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RPA Resource Center

Browse the top RPA resources—analyst research, industry publications, videos, webinars, and more. 

Forrester's Craig Le Clair presents and analyzes findings from new Forrester research on RPA scalability.

New research on the top RPA challenges to scaling RPA, based on a survey of enterprise RPA decision makers.

How a "low-code" approach to RPA resolves the most pressing RPA challenge.

Gartner's recommendations for selecting an RPA tool.

See our model-based "no-code" RPA in action.

The top 3 reasons RPA isn't scaling as expected.

An overview of our “no-code” model-based automation approach to RPA.

RPA's roots are in software testing...for better or for worse.

Why most RPA bots are so brittle...and what you can do about it.

How test automation skills translate to RPA success.

How to tap your existing Tricentis automation assets to jumpstart your organization’s RPA initiatives.

Get the most from an RPA investment...with core KPIs for your specific goals.

How to use Tricentis RPA to create resilient bots based on model-based automation.

How 2 bots eliminate the repetitive manual work of 3 FTEs, enabling employees to focus on customer experience.

An analyst's perspective on how to get started with RPA--and the fast track from test automation.

How software testing compares to RPA, and why software testers are perfectly poised to excel in the explosion of new RPA opportunities.

Why resilient RPA is critical, and how Tricentis RPA delivers exceptional resilience.

The top RPA challenges that organizations face and best practices for RPA success.

A demo of how Tricentis RPA automates tasks related to onboarding new employees.

How to really undetrstand eacch vendor's approach to RPA.

What headwinds organizations are facing in scaling RPA across the enterprise.

How Tricentis RPA helps SVA eliminate repetitive tasks and improve customer experience.

If you're mastered test automation, you could be on the fast path to RPA success.

A recap of Forrester analyst Craig Le Clair's most attention-getting points from Accelerate 2019.

How RPA helps a bank's team of 5 FTEs complete the work of 50 FTEs.

Spot zombie RPA bots, fix the issue, and maximize your RPA investment.

Explore the intersection of RPA and DevOps.

A demo of how Tricentis RPA automates tasks related to a procurement RFQs.

A demo of how Tricentis RPA automates tasks related to system monitoring.

The danger of moving full speed ahead with automation you simply can’t control.

Enterprises are sinking millions of dollars into RPA bots that are as fragile as glass.

An SD Times podcast answering listeners' top questions about RPA.

Explore the risks, rewards, and challenges of extending from test automation to RPA.

Is the common heritage of RPA and test automation a blessing or a curse?

Testers: RPA is an exciting new opportunity to make a broader impact across the business.

A CIO's perspective on why RPA doesn't scale.

How to you keep your RPA initiative from plummeting into a death spiral.

Why test automation is actually harder than robotic process automation.

An overview of why Tricentis RPA is different.

Real-world examples of how Tricentis RPA improves speed and accuracy.

A technical look at how Tricentis' model-based automation delivers exceptional resilience.

How RPA and test automation are converging…and the resulting opportunities/threats.

Why using RPA to automate software testing is a “tech hack.”

How a leading telecom used RPA to completely automate the order distribution process.

A 2-minute introduction to Tricentis RPA.

The Tricentis founder's perspective on Tricentis RPA.

Why RPA?

The benefits of RPA...beyond the hype.

How an insurance company improved CX by automating 20+ process.

Why RPA tools fall short for software test automation.