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Tricentis RPA

Our bots keep working when others break. They’re low-maintenance, and easily updated in a matter of minutes.


Why Tricentis RPA?

Brittle automation is the #1 reason why RPA initiatives fail to scale.

Script-based bots created by service partners seem simple, but—once deployed—they break with minor UI changes. While you wait for specialized resources to revive broken bots, the process is at a standstill.

Tricentis RPA is different.

With a proven track record solving the toughest automation challenges across Global 2000 companies, we know how to build resilient automation for all the technologies you’re working with.

We don’t screen scrape.

We automate based on a deep understanding of the underlying technology. That’s why our worker bots” know how to adapt to change.

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Tricentis DNA

Resilient Automation is in our DNA

Tricentis was founded to address the very problem that undermines most RPA initiatives today: brittle automation that causes a maintenance nightmare. Wrestling with scripts and/or constantly re-recording click paths is a massive resource drain that erodes the value of automation. That’s why we pioneered model-based automation.

Breaking Bots: How Automation Turns Bad

Model-Based Automation

With our model-based automation, users scan the application to create reusable automation building blocks that are combined to create bots. No scripting is required. Model-based automation is based on a deep understanding of the underlying technology (not superficial screen scraping), so our bots know how to adapt to everyday variations. And, when business requirements evolve, anyone can update bots in a matter of minutes—without waiting for specialists.


Why Model-Based Low-Code RPA?

New Intellyx Report

Get IT analyst Jason Bloomberg's perspective on the value of a model-based automation approach to RPA.

“Building upon years of experience applying model-based techniques to test automation, Tricentis RPA resolves the brittleness issues of other RPA solutions. This puts flexible, low-code models into the hands of the people responsible for building the automation.”

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Industry-Leading Technology Support 

Model-based automation covers 160+ technologies: SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, web, API, mainframe, databases, and so on. We partner closely with leading companies to automate the latest technologies upon release. Additionally, in the cases where model-based automation is not available, we provide the industry-standard image-based automation that supports any UI.

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Reuse Across RPA and Test Automation

Reuse Across RPA and Test Automation

Testing is the flip side of RPA; while RPA automates tasks to complete business processes, testing focuses on discovering where the underlying application breaks. Tricentis automation assets are leveraged across both Tricentis RPA and Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform.

Tricentis is recognized as the industry leader by all top analysts. For 15+ years, Global 2000 companies have trusted Tricentis to ensure the integrity of their most critical business processes. This requires the most advanced automation—and more. Tricentis provides everything from risk-based test design, to test data management (masked + synthetic), to change impact analysis and much, much more.

The Convergence of RPA and Testing

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